Nadia Ermer

Graphic Designer

Nadia has been employed at various IT consulting companies and is currently Lead Graphic Designer at S2E delivering website design and creative support for senior leadership.  Nadia is extremely dedicated to her craft and always brings creative new thinking forward for the benefit of her clients.

Nadia spent her first year at Grand Valley State University studying Advertising and Public Relations. Like most students pursuing an advertising artist degree, Nadia grew up drawing and painting. She has always been artistic, creative, and an outside of the box thinker. After taking an Introduction to Graphic Design course, she knew this was her path and transferred to University of Illinois – Chicago School of Design to pursue undergraduate studies in Graphic Design.

In her first year at UIC she has taken courses in Digital Media, 2D and 3D Form, Design Photography, Color Theory, and Design Drawing. Nadia has been placed on the Dean’s List at both Grand Valley and UIC her first two years of college. She was invited to join the UIC Honors College due to her outstanding curricular achievements.